Reviews of my investment portfolio - March 2019 1

Reviews of my investment portfolio – March 2019

Hello everyone, I am delighted to meet you for this monthly review of my investment portfolio. This is an opportunity to slow down a bit and take stock of my adventure towards financial independence and review my investment strategy. In this monthly review I analyze my objectives of financial independence, the actions undertaken during the previous month and the evolution of my portfolio. To date, my investment portfolio consists mainly of two sub-portfolios: a stock market portfolio and a peer-to-peer lending portfolio. Actually I do not share my stock market portfolio as I want the blog to focus on crowdlending portfolio.

I do not know about you but the month of March was very busy. Let’s start with my objectives of financial independence, followed by a small review of activities and then review the performance of the portfolios before attacking the conclusion.

Financial independence

My first goal of financial independence is 413,000.00 € of investment . This corresponds to a pension of 1,377.00€ per month according to 4% rule.

This will help me achieve the first stage of financial independence, namely financial security .

Reviews of my investment portfolio - March 2019 2

I must find the time to publish an article about the method that allowed me to quantify as precisely my goal of financial independence. New task that I’m immediatly adding to my bullet journal, see the little tip of the month below.

Tip of the month

Before going into the review of activities, I share with you a great free productivity tool: the bullet journal . You can find plenty of information online. Type “bullet journal” on Google or Youtube. Here’s a Ted Talk (short lecture) of the creatorRyder Carroll.

This is more than a tool, it is a philosophy in my opinion.

I created my bullet early 2019. The bullet journal has literally changed my personal and professional life. I’m more productive, better organized (especially less dispersed) and clearer in my long-term vision to financial independence. I hope you love it like me and this little tip will help.

Review of activities

In this section I go through the tasks accomplished during the past month.

Portfolio P2P (peer to peer lending)

  • New deposits on Envestio.
  • Opening accounts and deposits on Fastinvest and Grupeer.
  • Updating the blog and analysis portfolio for each platform.
  • Keep learning English 😉

I detail each account below, platform by platform. You can also read my selection of peer to peer lending platforms.


  • With my second child I do not have much time to trade. It’s difficult because I like it a lot and I was really starting to be profitable. But to be in front of the graphics requires great vigilance and the tiredness of the good father is not easy to manage! So I made some fatigue errors lately. I am obliged to try higher time units (H4 and daily). So this is an opportunity for me to get a little basics and to redefine my weekly trading plan (I might share it with you this year).

Real estate

And yes real estate! I already have a property. The purchase dates from 2012. It is a heritage investment.

I am looking for a rental investment this time. The goal is to generate a monthly cashflow. I don’t have time for visits so I appealed to a real estate hunter.

The real estate hunter offered me a first deal end of March, a building in Vihiers in Loire Atlantique in France. This small town is doing well visibly but does not meet my investment criteria which are:

  • The proximity to a big city.
  • Hospital or student presence.

With preference

  • No business in the ground floor or already rented.
  • A south or south-west exposure for natural light.

Case to follow in April. If you know a good real estate hunter I’m interested.

Personal development

  • Go to bed early. It’s a real challenge for me and a habit that I really want to change.
  • Fewer morning meditation in favor of a new experience: the Wim Hof method. Final Challenge = take an ice bath in a few weeks. I already take showers 12 ° C (53.6°F)!
  • Continue to use EFT for well being.
  • Listen to audio books for personal development. I prepare a small selection of my own in a future article.
  • Be good in my full-time job.
  • Make my wife happy. Not always easy with all my ambitions.
  • Being the best dad and train me to neuroscience education.

Portfolio P2P (peer to peer lending, crowdlending)

Already 3 crowdlending platforms at the counter: Envestio , Fastinvest and Grupeer .

Reminder of my strategy:

I manage my crowdlending portfolio as an investment portfolio on the stock exchange. This means that the number one rule is safety. To secure my investment I diversify my asset allocation. In stock market I would invest in a basket of stocks or ETFs through several brokers, in crowdlending I invested in multiple projects across multiple crowdlending platforms.

Reviews of my investment portfolio - March 2019 3
Reviews of my investment portfolio - March 2019 4

Return on investment, ROI is calculated is the following:

RSI = ((End of month value - Monthly deposit)/Total deposits at beginning of the month-1)*100


Envestio is the first crowdlending platform (peer to peer lending) in which I invested. The average interest rate is 18%, that’s make Envestio very attractive. The projects are funded within hours, sometimes in a few minutes. My maximum investment per project is € 200 so I was able to finance projects without too much difficulty. For more serious investment, you must be highly reactive because Envestio does not offer automatic investment strategy as do Fastinvest or Grupeer.

  • Investment: € 1,700.00
  • monthly passive income: € 26.36
  • Click here to see the details of my investment Envestio .

My first crowdlending passive income ! Certainly they are very modest, but it is only the beginning of a great adventure towards financial freedom.

Reviews of my investment portfolio - March 2019 5
passive income envestio


Done. I opened an account with Fastinvest . I particularly appreciate the dashboard of Fastinvest website, it’s very usefull and easy to use.

I slowly started to test with a first contribution of € 200.00. I set an automatic strategy called “auto-invest.” The strategy automatically invest capital in accordance with ranges of rates and parameterized investment term. In my case, 10 € to 25 € per project (an allowance of 20 to 8 projects), an interest rate of minimum 12% and a maximum duration of 12 months.

Reviews of my investment portfolio - March 2019 6
  • Investment: € 200.00
  • Monthly passive income: not yet. Account opened in March 2019.
  • Click here to see the details of my investment Fastinvest .


Grupeer is also a crowdlending platform in which I wanted to invest from the beginning because all loans are secured with BuyBack Guarantee . This means that if the borrower goes bankrupt, the partner, the originator of the loan is required to redeem the loan in default and ensure repayment of principal and interest in full.

As Fastinvest I start a test with € 200.00 of investment. Grupeer allows multiple automatic portfolio and it’s possible to prioritize. So I create two automatic strategies with respective minimum interest rate of 13% and 14%.

Reviews of my investment portfolio - March 2019 7
Reviews of my investment portfolio - March 2019 8
  • Investment: € 200,00
  • monthly passive income: € 0,04. Account opened in March 2019.
  • Click here to see the details of my investment Grupeer .


The pace is held but I am satisfied with what I could put in place in a short time. My long-term investment portfolios are based on simple but profitable strategies. I am serene with my investment strategy in crowdlending (goal is 15% per year). I strongly believe in reducing the risk of capital loss with a good diversified asset allocation.

In this logic of diversifying my portfolio, I will explore in April new platforms like Viainvest (average interest rate of 12%) and Bulkestate (average interest rate of 14%).

Trading side, I will take the time to resume my training videos because I have less and less time for day trading and I want to maintain swing trading as explained above.

I hope that the real estate hunter is competent and will find a profitable property, I can not wait to start the rental investment. Indeed, rental investment can be a major pillar of my financial independence.

And to achieve all this I must continue my personal development to be the best version of myself, for my success but especially for my family 😉

Good month of April to all and see you next month for an update.

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