My Envestio review 1

My Envestio review

My review of Envestio is positive. This company is one of the leading companies in the sector “Finance 2.0”. Envestio is a platform for loans between particular investment also called P2P (Peer to Peer). Envestio offer investors from different countries, the prime investment opportunities via crowdinvesting online market (also called P2P Lending).

About Envestio

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Founded as a private investment fund in 2014, Envestio is now one of the leading companies in the “New Finance” segment or “Finance 2.0” which offers investors from different countries of the prime investment opportunities via the crowdinvesting online market. Envestio offers public investors and investment projects successfully leading a process of thorough and impartial due diligence conducted by their team of professionals.

Projects at Envestio

Envestio mainly offers industrial projects in three categories: crypto mining, modern real estate and smart energy. Other types of projects may be offered from time to time if they meet the selection criteria of the Envestio team.

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It’s buoyant sectors is offering impressive interest rates. Indeed some projects projects offers + 20% / year with a blocking of funds only 6 months.

How Envestio selects the pojets?

The business model of Envestio provides for cooperation with the owners of investment projects in the field of interim financing / temporary replacement of own funds for their projects.

The funds, collected via the Envestio portal, constitute a part of the total funding that is attracted by a specific project, in addition to traditional financing by banks, etc. The weighted average cost of capital (WACC) of these projects is significantly lower than the interest rate payable to Envestio participants.

Envestio  also claims an ethical aspect in the choice of investment projects, in particular by creating new stable jobs.

A strong point to note: compared to other P2P loan platforms, Envestio does not support the so-called “payday loan” sector, which can actually hurt the economy and the people who work there.

Investment costs

The fees are almost non-existent for investors. Envestio is mainly remunerated for project promoters by taking 2% to 3% of the amount borrowed for pre-studies and support of the financing.

envestio fees

What performance can you expect?

15% to 22%! Yes I repeat (finally I rewrite) 15% to 22%. We understand better why Envestio is experiencing such growth and why projects are being stormed.

This said the majority of projects are around 15% to 17% which is already substantial.

The projects in which I invest

You can find my Envestio portfolio HERE and its share in my global asset allocation HERE .

The client interface

The user interface is very fluid. Here are the screenshots of my account.

Invest in a project

Becoming an investor with Envestio is easy, secure and fast. After registering and having verified your identity, walk in the project section. Projects open to investors are rare because the platform knows a great success. We must stay alert so as not to miss the opportunity.

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Each project is the subject of a descriptive sheet:

  • Basic information
  • Analysis of the situation
  • Development prospects
  • Market overview
  • Refund Schedules

At the end of the form you will find important information about the loan.

Ready to start investing or want to know more about the projects? You can  register for free  and discover the current investment opportunities.I register for free

Investment security with Envestio

Let’s start with a terminology. Envestio currently offers two types of projects: secured loans and subordinated loans:

The “secured debt” status means that in addition to providing complete information on the business and entering into the necessary agreements, the investment project owner has provided Envestio with additional insurance, namely a mortgage, a joint guarantee, personal guarantee.

The status of “subordinated debt” means that all the financial and legal information relating to the project has been submitted to Envestio and to the essential agreements concluded, but no additional guarantee is legally organized.

Many questions are then asked about the purchase of Envestio or the buy-back guarantee. Here’s what the Envestio FAQ section says:


And if I change my mind? How does the buy-in guarantee work?

The Envestio Surrender (or Surrender) Guarantee means that any Envestio Participant may at any time resell an investment in its investment portfolio to Envestio and instantly receive the money invested in its investment account. Since the funds, collected via the Envestio portal, constitute a certain share of the total funding that is attracted by a specific project, in addition to the traditional financing by the banks, Envestio is sufficiently capitalized to immediately make any redemption. 
The cost of the redemption is calculated and presented to the Envestio participant in Envestio’s personal area.

Please note that in some cases, the cost of redemption may be a substantial percentage of the amount invested.

How does this work in reality and how does the guaranteed debt differ from the subordinated debt? Here is an example:

  • An Envestio participant invests EUR 1,000 in a project that ends on November 30, 2018. This project involves the payment of monthly interest.
  • Before 31/11/2018, it is possible at any time to sell the investment share to Envestio for a 5% commission, ie 950 EUR. All interest payments already received remain the responsibility of the investor. This condition is the same for secured and subordinated loans.
  • If the borrower does not repay the principal after 31/11/2018, a case of technical default occurs. After that, the borrower still has 5 business days to settle the debt without legal proceedings. If this is not the case, the deadline becomes a standard default and Envestio, with the support of an Estonian debt collection agency, starts legal proceedings against the borrower, including the execution of all the guarantees provided.
  • The investor, who has invested EUR 1,000 in a secured debt project, recovers 80% of the capital of the investment, ie EUR 800, the business day following the standard default event. For the remaining 20%, you have the choice: instantly recover half that amount or wait for the debt recovery of the borrower. As a result,  at least 90% of the investment is fully secure.
  • An investor who has invested EUR 1,000 in a subordinated debt project is expected to wait until the debt is recovered from the defaulting borrower using the available legal instruments.

In order to provide a more comfortable investment experience for its participants, Envestio conducts negotiations with all owners of “subordinated” investment projects to convert them into “guaranteed” type loans.

At the same time, we would like to point out that regardless of the current type of active projects (secured or subordinated debt), owners of investment projects have passed a detailed audit and the case of their default is highly unlikely. Using the internationally accepted credit scoring scale (  ), Envestio would characterize these borrowers with a rating between BB and BBB.

Who subscribes to the loans financed?

Envestio facilitates and facilitates investment in high-tech projects, in the energy sector, the real estate sector or other projects.

Envestio welcomes young and ambitious entrepreneurs as well as established companies looking for new sources of medium-term financing for their projects or who need temporary short-term financing. For them, Envestio can act as a professional financial partner. Just send a request to Envestio. If the project meets the requirements, it will be presented to investors for a quick and effective fundraising campaign.

The values ​​of Envestio


“At Envestio, we respect traditional approaches, but in the information age, flexibility and a results orientation is one of the key success factors for any business. We follow closely and react quickly to the latest trends in financial technology and do not limit our selection of investment opportunities to traditional industries, by giving a chance also to commercial projects in the innovative sphere such as cryptocurrency extraction. . “


“You never do good business with people or organizations you do not trust. Transparent corporate culture is therefore one of Envestio’s key values. We regularly provide honest and unbiased information to our investors, investment project owners, the press and other market participants. “


“We like what we do and we like to do it in the best way possible. 
Thousands of people and organizations trust us. Therefore, everything we do at Envestio aims to make the investment process simple, fast, secure and efficient. 
We offer our investors only first-rate investment opportunities, which have been thoroughly researched and verified by our team of experts, as well as the most comfortable virtual work environment. “

The team

Anton Kaletin

CEO, member of the board of directors

Linkedin Profile

Evgeniy Kukin

Senior Project Manager, Chief Financial Officer

Linkedin Profile

Liene Meldere

Investment and Development Advisor

Linkedin Profile

Alesia Nikalaichyk

Main Account Manager

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To contact Envestio

Envestio SI OÜ,  
Reg No 14433607, 
VAT No. EE102050657

Raeküla tee 5, Rae Küla, Rae Vald, Harjumaa, Eesti, 75310

Phone +372 6012559

Monday-Friday: 9:00 – 19:00

My opinion about Envestio

Envestio offers loans with very attractive interest rates and short periods, which I particularly appreciate.

The company is still quite young since it was launched in 2014. However Envestio seems to develop very quickly. Investors literally run the race to invest in these high yield projects. When a project (short term of less than one year) comes out, fundraising takes place in just a few hours. It is a sign of confidence on the part of investors.

20% interest rate in your pocket

Take action and become a profitable investor

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