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Equities portfolio and P2P portfolio (July-August 2019 review) 1

Equities portfolio and P2P portfolio (July-August 2019 review)

  • 1 new crowdlending platform: Kuetzal.
  • 1 withdrawal of funds from Monestro.
  • 1 new shared equity portfolio: 3W3 strategy .
  • 27.34% annualized internal rate of return for the P2P lending portfolio.
  • 4 months of intermittent fasting and 6 pounds less

First of all, I hope you had a good summer. Personally the holidays were too short but good, financial independence awaits us at work!

We attack with a more compact format that goes directly to the essentials: the monitoring of portfolios.

NB # 1: You can find the trick to translate all crowdlending platforms into French on my crowdlending platform selection page .

NB # 2: I opened the comments at the bottom of the articles. Otherwise go to my Facebook page .

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3W3 Equity Portfolio

My account at Tradestation is finally active. I take a position on some USA ETF (not accessible via European brokers) that I use in my stock market investment strategy.

Net value of the equities portfolio

The net value of the 3W3 portfolio is 7,876.74 $ .

Equities portfolio and P2P portfolio (July-August 2019 review) 2

Monthly performance of the equities portfolio

Starting with the first drawdown. But I’m here for the long run so no worry.

Equities portfolio and P2P portfolio (July-August 2019 review) 3

P2P Portfolio (crowdlending platforms)

My P2P lending portfolio now consists of 9 crowdlending platforms : Envestio , Fastinvest , Gruper , Crowdestor , Bondora , Crowdestate , Bulkestate , Monestro and Kuetzal .

P2P portfolio XIRR is 27.34%.

Reminder of my strategy

I manage my crowdlending asset allocation as an investment portfolio . That is, rule number one is security. To secure my invested capital I diversify my asset allocation .

On the stock market it is recommended to invest in a basket of shares or ETFs through several brokers. In crowdlending I have been investing in a multitude of projects across multiple P2P lending platforms .

P2P Portfolio Tracking

You can find my full portfolio here .

The net value of the P2P portfolio is 3,234.39€.

P2P portfolio allocation

The internal rate of return (annualized) is currently 27.34% .

P2P portfolio XIRR


Envestio (here is my Envestio review) is the first peer to peer lending platform in which I have invested. The average interest rate is 18% +. Which makes Envestio very attractive. The projects are financed in a few hours, see in a few minutes for the most attractive ones.

envestio XIRR august 2019

  • TRI: 29.58%.
  • Value: 1959.72€.
  • Monthly passive income: 57.76€.
  • Click here to see the details of my investments at Envestio .


I use Fastinvest’s self-investing tool to invest continuously.

As a reminder, the self-investing tool automatically invested the specified capital in accordance with fixed rate ranges and durations. For more info you can read my Fastinvest review .

fastinvest XIRR august 2019

  • TRI: 11.16% .
  • Value: 210.47€ .
  • Monthly passive income: 2.12€ .
  • Click here to see the details of my Fastinvest investments .


Grupeer is also a crowdlending platform in which I wanted to invest from the beginning.

First, all loans are secured with BuyBack Guarantee . This means that if the borrower goes bankrupt, the partner, the originator of the loan, is required to buy back the loan in default and ensure the repayment of principal and interest in full.

Secondly the Grupeer platform offers an interface in French .

As for Fastinvest I use a self-investing tool. More information in my Grupper review.

grupeer XIRR august 2019

  • TRI: 12.38% .
  • Value: 210.70€ .
  • Monthly passive income: 2.23€ .
  • Click here to see the details of my Grupeer investments .


Account opened at Crowdestor in May 2019.

Loan interest rates are very attractive: 18%, 18.5% and 21% . Crowdestor comes directly to compete with Envestio .

The rate of return on the Crowdestor portfolio is down on July and August. This is normal because the timing of interest payments differs depending on the loan.

crowdestor XIRR august 2019

  • TRI: 7.24% .
  • Investment: 200,00€ .
  • Monthly passive income: 0,75€ .
  • Click here to see the details of my Crowdestor investments .


Bondora is a little out of the box with its ultra customizable interface in French . It took me a while to get used to it. Bondora is a crowdlending platform that offers 3 investment methods .

Equities portfolio and P2P portfolio (July-August 2019 review) 4

To test the platform I went on a Portfolio Pro oriented high performance. Who says high performance, says risk . Loans are denoted D, E and F.

Here are my settings. I invite you not to copy them but to play with the parameters of the Portfolio Pro to get an idea of ​​the risk and the possible profitability.

bondora settings

Portfolio Pro works like the automatic investment tools of Fastinvest and Grupeer . The investments are numerous and as you can see there are many loans rated F by Bondora.

This portfolio is without the most risky of all. By cons it is very diversified. This is one of the advantages of Bondora, it is possible to invest very small sums .

The next step will probably be to test Bondora’s Go & Grow portfolio.

The internal rate of return has taken off!

This strong increase is due to the bonuses which are important proportionally to the invested capital. It must also be taken into account that the calculation of the IRR here is annualized. However the TRI off bonus (w / o bonuses) is for the moment incredible .

bondora XIRR august 2019

  • TRI: 310.49% .
  • Value: 144.42€.
  • Monthly passive income: 20.97€.
  • Click here to see the details of my Bondora investments .


2 investments made at Crowdestate.

crowdestate investment

Crowdestate also offers an automatic investment tool. Personally I do not need it. I do not know yet if I will invest more funds.

crowdestate XIRR august 2019

  • TRI: 8.94% .
  • Investment: 204.41€.
  • Monthly passive income: 3.31€.
  • Click here to see details of my Crowdestate investments .


After setting up the auto-invest tool, all my capital was invested in 4 projects . Bulkestate offers very interesting interest rates. However, not all projects offer monthly payments.

This makes Bulkestate a good deal for long-term investors who want to block their funds over a period of time.

For my part I prefer to receive passive income every month . My first interest must be paid in September.

bulkestate XIRR august 2019

  • TRI: To come .
  • Investment: 400,00€.
  • Monthly passive income: To come .
  • Click ici to display the details of my investment Bulkestate .


Monestro still does not offer loans . I therefore withdraw all my funds to place them at  Kuetzal . The transfer was done without any problem. I do not recommend investing via this platform for the moment.


Kuetzal is the latest added platform. I submitted a first contribution in August 2019.

Kuetzal is a very attractive rate offers up to 21% per year. This crowdlending platform finance loans for European projects, companies and start-ups.

The timing of interest payments varies by project. On the other hand most of the projects benefit from Kuetzal Care.

Kuetzal Care guarantees that a certain project will eventually be financed, regardless of the amount of funds invested by Kuetzal investors. If the project does not reach the goal, Kuetzal uses its own funds to cover the gap between the amount invested and the target amount. Kuetzal has agreements with investment funds, banks and authoritative private investors who are ready to participate in Kuetzal projects at any time. This creates an additional guarantee that each project will eventually be funded on the targeted amount.

Loans are subject to a buyback guarantee, cf quote from Kuetzal FAQ.

How does the buy-back guarantee work?
Investment buy-back is provided by the platform, not by the project owners. Along with them we have personal guarantee from project owners and in some projects collateral (mainly real estate).
10% penalty is taken in case you are willing to cancel your investment before the end of term.
In the worst case scenario, if project announces default, Kuetzal guarantees to cover 100% of investment during next 2 months after default is accounced (for those projects that are supperted with buy-back). This time will be used to initiate the legal process. 2 months is the maximum term, we expect to return funds in 1-2 weeks. In this case there are no fees for investors. Again want to remind that this is the worst case scenario and it is very unlikely.

Kuetzal FAQ

kuetzal XIRR august 2019

  • TRI: To come .
  • Investment: 200,00€.
  • Monthly passive income: To come .
  • Click ici to display the details of my investment Kuetzal .

Kuetzal has launched an investment campaign which you can still enjoy until the end of September.

Cashback Marathon!

From 1000 € to 4999 € deposited, Kuetzal pays 1%.
From 5000 € to 9999 € deposited, Kuetzal 1.5%.
Etc. up to 3% cashback.

The campaign lasts until 31/09/2019.

It’s a good plan that I’m going to enjoy myself.

Cashback Marathon!


I am intrigued to see the evolution of the equity portfolio in the coming months depending on the direction that will take the market.

The P2P lending portfolio is doing well. The crowdlending market continues to grow and competition between platforms is tough. I am thinking about diversifying my portfolio with crypto currencies via the P2P lending Coinloan platform .

The top 3 most successful P2P lending platforms in my portfolio are:

  1. Bondora
  2. Envestio
  3. Grupeer

See you next month for an update.

To receive every month this review of activity and portfolio in your mailbox is here:

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