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crowdlending portfolio

My crowdlending portfolio

Hereis my crowdlending portfolio.

Find my monthly portfolio reviews here .

My goal is to complete my crowdlending portfolio by allocating capital to all crowdlending platorms I’ve selected here.

You can find the details of each P2P portfolio via the menu above.

 Updated at the beginning of the month.

Internal rate of return (XIRR) of each crowdlending platforms

I calculate the internal rate of return of my crowdlending portfolio based on deposits & withdrawals and the portfolio value of each P2P lending platform.

Asset Allocation

Portfolio value

Investment History

The investment history below shows deposits & withdrawals.

Many crowdlending platforms offer automatic investment tools. These “auto-invest” tools can be set according to the interest rate of the loan, the duration of the loan, the type of loan and the maximum amount per loan.
Other crowdlending platforms offer only manual investments.

My crowdlending portfolio is a mix of the two investment systems.

% of total income/funds by platform

Average % of total income/funds by platform


P2P Details
Envestio 🔍
Fastinvest 🔍
Grupeer 🔍
Bondora 🔍
Crowdestor 🔍
Crowdestate 🔍
Bulkestate 🔍
Monestro 🔍
Kuetzal 🔍

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