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END-OF-YEAR BOOM with + 25.97% for the stock market portfolio and + 15.92% for the crowdlending portfolio (review December 2019)

  • + 25.97% on 2019 for the stock market portfolio.
  • + 15.92% in 2019 for the crowdlending portfolio.
  • 1 wallet forgotten at Mintos and 400 € found.
  • 1 new monitoring of the cryptocurrency portfolio.
  • 1 new investment solution for cryptocurrencies.
  • 1 house sale canceled for 1 new sale in progress.

Do you think you can forget that you have invested 400 €?

I thought not, but reality caught up with me. By wanting to do too much or too quickly I failed to “lose” 400 €.

Fortunately the holidays arrived on time.

I told myself that I was going to open new p2p lending accounts at WiseFund, Monethera and Neo Finance (25 € offered with this affiliate link). And then I opened the following notification email:

notification Mintos p2p lending

Believe it or not, but I opened an account on Mintos platform at end of August. Then I paid 400 € into my Mintos account, I configured the auto-invest tool and … I forgot!

Continuation of the story below in the chapter Portfolio crowdlending => Mintos.

Apart from this pleasant surprise, I am in the process of resuming all of my monitoring spreadsheets … again.

I transpose them from horizontal to vertical. It sounds easy but it is a real headache not to make an error between the links and resume all the associated graphics. It’s time consuming. But hey, I like having optimized tools, especially for monitoring investments over several years.

I therefore strongly recommend that you create your portfolio tracking tables with vertical time tracking (put the dates from top to bottom and not from left to right). This small detail allows more fluidity in the use of formulas, and in the long term, better readability.

Let’s get into the subject without further ado.

Portfolio crowdlending

Internal rate of portfolio platforms crowdlending


XIRR w/o bonuses

































NB: The XIRR function differs from the IRR function by the frequency of deposits and withdrawals made. More info on the XIRR function and the internal rate of return here.

IRR excluding bonus from the crowdlending portfolio


More information and graphics on my Crowdlending portfolio.


Envestio launched a Youtube channel. The channel hosts only one video (translated into two languages ​​including English). We see Eduard Ritsmann, Development Director at Envestio, who gives his vision of the development of the crowdlending platform Envestio.

Eduard Ritsmann has just been recruited by Envestio. This appointment follows the acquisition of the platform by a strategic investor from Germany, Mr. Arkadi Ganzin. Mr. Ganzin has extensive experience in the German banking sector where he worked before starting his own business trading in oil and gas products. The acquisition will take Envestio to a whole new level by adding to the project the solid experience and vast business network of the new team members.

Envestio remains one of my favorite crowdlending platforms. Since Envestio has implemented the self-invest tool, the service offered is comprehensive.

The auto-invest tool allows you to invest automatically from € 100.

The investment projects are solid and interest rates remain among the highest on the market. Indeed few platforms compete with Envestio. Although, if we look at the XIRR of each platform, the new peer to peer lending Kuetzal platform is very promising.(UPDATE: maybe not so promising, see comments in Kutezal chapter bleow)

By registering via this affiliate link, you receive € 5 free when you deposit € 100 on your account. In addition you benefit from 0.5% offered on the amount of your investments for 270 days.

More information and graphics on my Envestio portfolio.



Fastinvest is another very good peer to peer lending platform.

The platform is easy to use. The self-invest tool allows immediate reinvestment as soon as interest or repayments of the invested capital are received.

The IRR (XIRR) has been increasing continuously since the account was opened in March 2019.

More information and graphics on my Fastinvest portfolio.



Grupper announced the addition of a new Monetria lender. Monetria is a Russian loan originator.

I have also updated the list of contributors, ie lending organizations, in my self-invest strategies. So I went from 36 to 40 lending organizations for each of my 3 self-invest strategies.

In addition, Grupeer announced a partnership with a new loan originator – Cash-U Finance. Cash-U Finance offers microcredits easily accessible throughout Russia.

For my part Grupeer continues to keep its promises.

The XIRR has experienced a slight decrease since September.

I implemented a level 3 auto-invest strategy with automatic investment on short-term rates (6 months max) from 12.9% interest rate. This is undoubtedly an explanation. To watch in the next month.

More information and graphics on my Grupeer portfolio.



Crowdestor is a crowdlending real estate platform.

Like many crowdlending platforms that offer loans on real estate projects, the capital invested is reimbursed only at the end of the loan.

I am currently funding 3 projects via Crowdestor.

Note that for certain projects, the capital invested is reimbursed only at the end of the loan. This is for example the case of the Renovation of eclecticism style building project whose interest rate is 21%.

END-OF-YEAR BOOM with + 25.97% for the stock market portfolio and + 15.92% for the crowdlending portfolio (review December 2019) 1

The curve below saw a sharp increase in December because I have just received the first 6 months of interest from the “Renovation of eclecticism style building” project. In fact, the interest payments for this project are paid monthly after the first 6 months (for the first 6 months, the interest is capitalized and paid in chip with the principal of the loan).

profits du portefeuille crowdestor

It is deferred repayment of invested capital is a fact to take into account in your investment plan.

Personally, I favor platforms like Fastinvest or Grupeer which reimburse the capital invested each month.

More information and graphics on my Crowdestor portfolio.



Addition of the first late payments…Amounts are still small in proportion to the capital invested, but I remain vigilant. I prefer to wait a few more months before reinvesting in Bondora. This makes it possible to test the self-invest strategy implemented.

In addition, the average yield is falling on the Bondora interface. It went from 49.13% (see screenshot in the previous newsletter) to 24.22%!

Go figure how this rate is calculated by Bondora. This is one of the criticisms I can make of the platform. It is difficult to calculate the statistics that are highlighted.

Net return in early January:

END-OF-YEAR BOOM with + 25.97% for the stock market portfolio and + 15.92% for the crowdlending portfolio (review December 2019) 2

Current net return in December:

BONDORA rendement net du portefeuille

This is how Bondora explains this net return.

I have highlighted in yellow the interesting and disturbing part.

How do you calculate the net return?

We use the XIRR (Extended Internal Rate of Return) function to calculate the net return. XIRR is used to return the internal rate of return from a cash flow statement which is neither necessarily periodic (payments are not made one day per month) nor always positive (the portfolio has inbound and outbound payments).

The internal rate of return is a discount rate …

XIRR uses the date of issue and the amount of the loan, the actual repayment dates and the amount as well as the sum of the planned future capital repayments (our assumption being equal at current portfolio value) to calculate the internal rate of return on your Bondora investment portfolio. .

This approach immediately deducts from the calculation all overdue and unpaid principal and interest payments. No assumptions are made regarding future interest payments or provisions for losses as this should be covered as part of our approach to arrive at the current value of the portfolio.

For the Bondora investment portfolio, my strategy is high risk, high yield. Which means that I accept a share of loss vs high profitability.

The calculation of my current IRR does not take into account the outstanding payments. Yet I finance loans rated D, E and F.

BONDRA portfolio pro paramètres

So the TRI must prove itself over the coming months.

Recently a reader told me of his concern about the duration of the internal rate of return because Bondora waits a certain time before launching the procedures for the recovery of arrears.

Subject to dig.

For the moment, the curves with or without bonuses from the portfolio Bondora are stunning.

More information and graphics on my Bondora portfolio.



Another crowdlending mortgage loan platform.

The platform works rather well if one judges by the speed with which the projects are financed.

Crowdestate invest projects

As with Crowdestor, at Crowdestate repayments of the invested capital are paid in full at the end.

Here is a long-term view until 2022 of my 2 current investments.

Crowdestate long term investment

The IRR experienced significant growth this month. This is due to the cumulative interest of the 2 projects at Crowdestate. On the first project, interest is collected every month, on the other every four months.

More information and graphics on my Crowdestate portfolio.



After the sharp rise in November, the curve stabilizes.

The large increase in XIRR is due to the early repayment of the capital invested with the interest due.

Suddenly the amounts of interest received quadrupled compared to previous months. The result is a leaping XIRR.

A very positive point of Bulkestate is the chat by project. This chat allows Bulkestate and investors to communicate about this type of unexpected event.

Bulkestate forum

But again, at Bulkestate, projects are being funded at full speed. I have not yet been able to reinvest the capital recovered.

I will stay on the lookout for the next opportunities.

In the meantime the XIRR is doing well.

More information and graphics on my Bulkestate portfolio.



This is the last crowdlending platform in which I have invested for the moment.

With very high interest rates, Kuetzal competes directly with Envestio.

The XIRR smooths over 20%.

In addition Kuetzal comes in force with Kuetzal Care in addition to the buy-back guarantee.

Kuetzal Care comes to finance the delta between the contribution of individual investors and the amount necessary for the project.

Note #1: not all projects are under the buy-back guarantee. So choose your loans carefully.

Note #2: UPDATE. Here is an excellent article of Jorgen Wolf about concerns regarding Kuetzal business plan and the financial health of the company.

Here is the evolution of the XIRR of the portfolio Kuetzal.

More information and graphics on my Kuetzal portfolio.



As explained in the introduction, I literally forgot to open an account on the crowdlending Mintos platform.

Mintos is an essential crowdlending platform.

Like many crowdlending platforms, Mintos offers an auto-invest tool that allows you to define one or more automatic investment strategies.

Self-investing is useful if you regularly deposit funds on the platform or if you want to automatically reinvest your earnings.

When opening the account, I established a first automatic investment strategy for the self-invest tool.

The criteria were as follows

  • Primary market only. That is to say, no loan repurchases on the Secondary market (this is the marketplace for investors, you can resell your current investments there).
  • 12% minimum interest rate.
  • Over 80 months maximum.
  • € 10 to € 20 per loan.
  • Only loan organizations rated A and B. As a reminder, the ratings of the lending organizations on Mintos currently range from A to D.
  • No loans in the sectors Pawnbroking Loan, Agricultural Loans (agricultural loans) and Invoice Financing (invoice financing). The statistics for these sectors did not give me enough confidence. However, I have since authorized the lending organizations in Agriculture.

I have revised the auto-invest criteria in order to cover more loan offers. All the funds available will be invested in the month I think.

Actual monitoring of the XIRR can then begin. However, monitoring must begin on the date of the first payment of funds. Because the money deposited is not invested as time passes, which harms the overall XIRR of the capital invested on all of the crowdlending platforms.

Here is the evolution of the IRR of the portfolio Mintos.

More information and graphics on my Mintos portfolio.



In the November review I mentioned Iban Wallet. Iban Wallet is a fairly young p2p lending platform.

Iban Wallet notably offers paid investment solutions at fixed rates. Including a solution with an APR of 2.5% with withdrawal of funds at any time.

This solution interests me to deposit capital which I keep in cash as a reserve of security.

Besides, by the way, I recommend that you always have at least 6 to 12 months of equivalence of your cash expenses to make a hard hit in life. Once you have a safety cushion, you can start investing.

So I opened an account with Iban Wallet.

But I stopped there. In fact I undertook some research on Iban Wallet and the little information I found did not give me enough confidence to deposit funds.

First of all, 21% of Iban Wallet’s reviews on Trustpilot are one star.

On the other hand I did not find information on the company and its employees.

Finally, I also did not find information on the loans in which investors’ money is invested. The investment system is opaque, managed 100% by Iban Wallet.

I will therefore continue to inquire before depositing funds with Iban Wallet.

Portfolio crypto currencies

in November I added track the crypto-currency portfolio.

As explained in the previous newsletter, the crypto portfolio is dedicated to long-term and very speculative investment.

The portfolio is strongly bearish since I made the mistake of buying Bitcoin in the middle of a bubble. Like many I think …

But hey, I am confident in the future of blockchain and crypto currencies.

Blockchain can only bring cryptos to develop. I only hope to have bought the right ones and be a crypto-millionaire in a few years.

évolution du bitcoin BTC

My crypto wallets are at Uphold and Celsius Network.

Uphold and Celsius are the 2 best secure platforms of the moment.

The interfaces are fun, the services offered quality.

It is possible to change, send and receive cryptocurrencies very simply.

I personally have already paid a health professional in cryptos!


First of all, for those who speak English, I invite you to read the transcript of the AMA from theDirector of Technology Celsius Network. An AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. That is to say that Nuke Goldstein, Celsius Network’s Director of Technology, participates in a live on Youtube and responds directly to questions asked by Internet users.

It is a very enriching exercise for Celsius Network but especially for us users.

Otherwise I am a bit annoyed by this start of the year since I no longer have access to my wallet (crypto wallet). Yep, imagine that when I tried to connect with the 2FA code (double factor authentication) I had the unpleasant surprise of having an error message. I contacted Celsius Network support who replied quickly.

It looks like there is a security breach with my account.

Celsius Network therefore asked me to send a video of myself requesting the termination of my password as well as a photo of me with an ID dated the day of my termination request.

brèche de sécurité de mon compte Celsius Network

I did the necessary. and I wait … Celsius Network very quickly reset my 2FA code and I was able to connect again. I particularly appreciated the good reactivity of the support service.

A quick reminder on Celsius Network

Celsius Network is a lending platform based on Ethereum, exploiting blockchain technologies.

Celsius Network is only available on mobile app. But the website provides all the useful info.

For a display in French, read the practical tips paragraph below.

Celsius Network is positioning itself as an alternative solution to the traditional banking system for the 99%. This means all those who are not part of the richest 1% of the planet.

Celsius Network defines its mission as such

“Celsius Network was founded in 2017 with the mission to take advantage of blockchain technology to offer unprecedented financial freedom, economic opportunities and income equality for 99%. For too long, big banks and financial institutions have shied away from greedy, unethical and risky behavior. It is time to replace our current financial systems with a new model that acts only in the best interest of the community … ”

Personally I appreciate this approach. It is marketing but the content remains innovative and can bring significant changes in the world to come.

In addition, Celsius Network is carried by Mr. Alex Mashinsky, a big name in innovation, holder of numerous remarkable patents (VOIP) and creator of two publicly traded companies (Arbinet and Transit Wireless).


Small change in the Uphold portfolio: I subscribed to the (free) offer from CredEarn, Uphold partner.

As you can see from the chart below, the Uphold portfolio goes to $ 33.45 while a new curve for CredEarn starts at $ 250.35.

These are simply cryptocurrency transfers to the CredEarn investment solution.

But what is CredEarn?

CredEarn is a cryptocurrency investment solution launched by the company Cred.

CredEarn allows Uphold members to earn up to 10% interest when they lend their digital assets to CRED. The minimum earning period is 6 months with the possibility of renewing in 3 month increments at the end of the term.

See below for more details on supported currencies and products:

  • BCH
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • OR
  • USD
  • XRP

Here is my CredEarn portfolio at Uphold A quick

portefeuille CredEarn chez Uphold

Reminder on Uphold

Uphold serves 184 countries, in more than 30 currencies ( and crypto) and allows frictionless foreign exchange and cross-border remittances for members worldwide. Since the launch in 2015, Uphold has generated more than $ 4 billion in transactions. Just that.

Uphold offers a web interface and application.

Value of the crypto wallet

Since my first purchase of BTC I have taken the time to diversify my crypto currencies.

I am the proud holder of the following cryptocurrencies:

  • BAT: Basic Attention Token.
  • BTC: Bitcoin.
  • BTG: Bitcoin Gold.
  • CEL: Celsius.
  • DASH: Dash.
  • ETH: Ethereum.

The cryptocurrency market never stops and it is too time consuming to follow the evolution of each currency. I will therefore be satisfied with monitoring the value of the cryptos portfolio by equivalent values ​​in $ of each platform.

Cryptos currencies portfolio value

3W3 equity portfolio

+ 10.57% performance in December!

Cumulated at + 12.32% in November, the annual performance of the stock market portfolio for 2019 is 25.97%.

Suffice to say that the year ended in style. I hope the current momentum will continue into 2020.

The distance to the 200 moving average is important and I will not be surprised to see a connection soon.

Here is the evolution of the S & P500 index over 2019.

S&P500 année 2019

Performance of the stock market

Graphique TRI portefeuille bouriser

Net value of the stock portfolio

The net value of the portfolio is therefore on the rise after already 7 months of waiting.

Graphique évolution du portefeuille boursier

Real estate

180° turn! We canceled the purchase of the house. However, we had signed the promise to sell to the notary, finalized the plans, obtained the works quotes after hours of meetings with the works companies, solicited the banks, etc.

So why is the turnaround so close to the goal after months of research time?

Quite simply because we found a house much closer to ours;)

A friend put us in touch with the sellers before the house was even put on the market.

We have to sign the promise to sell in January. I will keep you posted. Everything has to be redone: plans, business meetings, costing, fundraising, etc. But the game is worth it and I can’t wait to do some of the work myself.

Practical tips for smart investors

In November I answered your questions on multi-currency management. I indicated in particular that I use N26, partner of TransferWise.

Besides, you can take advantage of up to € 30 offered for opening an N26 account via this link. It is a win-win affiliate link: you take advantage of the offer and at the same time you support my work.


I have since discovered the online bank Monese which is making a lot of talk about it thanks to the “Simple” solution at 0 costs … or almost because nothing is never free of course.

What interests me compared to N26 is the fixed rate of 2% for transfers in foreign currency and especially free withdrawals and card expenses up to a ceiling which is enough for me personally. On these last points N26 applies fees.

Anyway, I’ll find out and keep you posted.

END-OF-YEAR BOOM with + 25.97% for the stock market portfolio and + 15.92% for the crowdlending portfolio (review December 2019) 3


In January I would like to take the time to lay out an article to analyze my various portfolios and their performance in 2019.

This will be an opportunity to address the points for improvement for 2020.

I also want to set up a follow-up of the Global Portfolio. This portfolio will be the synthesis of all the existing portfolios.

There is a little work to arrive at calculating the XIRR. But this tool seems essential to me. I want to have a photo every month of the evolution of my investments.

As explained above, I plan to share my portfolio tracking tools for free.

Are you interested in these tools? If so let me know in the comments below.

These tools are nothing but the result of many hours of work.

As usual, here are the top 3 of the best crowdlending platforms according to the profitability rate excluding bonuses.

The top 3 crowdlending platforms for this month is therefore

  1. Bondora
  2. Kuetzal
  3. Crowdestor (1st time in the top 3)

The next platforms to explore are WiseFund, Monethera, Nexo and Neo Finance (25 € offered with this affiliate link).

Go high, investor friend hearts to start 2020.

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