Crowdlending let's go to the moon (review june 2019) 1

Crowdlending let’s go to the moon (review june 2019)

  • 1 new crowdlending platform: Bulkestate.
  • 15.41% internal rate of return for the P2P lending portfolio.
  • 1 real estate negotiation completed.
  • 2 months of intermittent fasting .

Crowdlending ok, real estate ok… with the arrival of the beautiful days, we go out more and the free time to conduct my financial affairs has shortened.

I still managed to finalize 1 important action :

  • Open an account at Bulkestate to further diversify my crowdlending portfolio.

The previous month I opened my account at the USA Tradestation brokerage and opened three crowdlending accounts at Crowdestor , Bondora and Crowdestate .

NB: I re-opened the comments at the bottom of the articles. Otherwise let’s get in touch via my Facebook page .

Financial independence

  • New gift: my financial independence calculator

I offer you my financial independence calculator.

This spreadsheet is an excellent exercise to do before embarking on the adventure. Indeed achieve financial independence is a dream but often, when I talk with my friends or my followers, I realize that their approach is very conceptual.

When I ask the simple question: “If right now, now you can get your financial independence, how much do you really need?”

The answer is unclear and I often get the same answer “millions, billions”.

A poorly defined goal is a rarely achieved goal. If you are not already financially independent it is surely that you have not created a business that allows it and it is therefore not targeting the billion that you will find in you the necessary resources.

This spreadsheet can help you put concrete and achievable figures in front of your dream of financial independence.

  • Objective 1: € 413,000.00 of invested capital .

This amount corresponds to a pension of € 1,377.00 per month according to the 4% rule.

This will allow me to reach the first stage of financial independence , namely financial security .

Crowdlending ok, real estate ok, medium trading (June 2019 review) 1

Activity review

P2P Portfolio (peer to peer lending)

  • Internal rate of return up

The calculation of the internal rate of return is more relevant than the ROI. In fact, the internal rate of return reflects the actual performance of the P2P lending portfolio. I use the XIRR function in Google Sheets.

NB: the internal rate of return that I indicate does not include the funds available to invest . Indeed I want a XIRR as accurate as possible . I take into account only the capital actually invested for each loan of each platform.

The value of my P2P lending portfolio is therefore that of investments plus interest income. See the following chart that shows the difference between funds (deposits and withdrawals), investments and the sum of investments plus interest earned.

  • Cashback good deal of the moment

I am preparing a comparative table of platforms . This table will be kept up to date according to the offers.

Some crowdlending platforms offer bonuses or cashback (cash back in French) when opening an account or depositing funds. This is, for example, the case of EstateGuru which offers a bonus of 0.5% over 3 months .

Other crowdlending platforms make “exceptional” campaigns to raise funds. For example, Kuetzal (a new guy who starts very fot) launches his Cashback Marathon .

Cashback Marathon !

From 1000 € to 4999 € deposited, Kuetzal pays 1%. 
From 5000 € to 9999 € deposited, Kuetzal 1.5%. 
Up to 3% cashback. 
The campaign lasts until 31/09/2019. 
It’s a good plan that I’m going to enjoy myself.

Cashback Marathon !

  • An XIRR at the top

Here are the discounted rates of return for my P2P sub-portfolios.

P2P Allocation XIRR
Envestio 1,390.49 16.54%
Fastinvest 191.82 10.66%
Grupeer 204.79 13.06%
Crowdestor 200.00 New
Bondora 122.53 18.87%
Crowdestate 200.00 New
Bulkestate 0.00 New

Real estate

  • Offer not accepted.

Our offer on the building of report was not accepted . An offer 10k € superior to ours has been accepted by the seller.

The gross profitability of the operation was less than 10% but the cashflow remained correct because few jobs. The difficulty, if our offer had been accepted, was to obtain the agreement of the tenants to pass in furnished leases (currently rented accommodation for bare rent).

  • New negotiation

Anyway, we continue our research and have again made a proposal on another good . The property is located in a small town and requires roofing work. Gross profitability is very good but location represents a risk. We have therefore engaged in aggressive trading with a 31% lower offer than the asking price.


  • New Crowdestor review being written

Crowdestor is a last platform in which I have invested.

I created a Crowdestor wallet tracking page here . For now the investment is too much to allow me to have a fine analysis. However, I am currently writing a very complete Crowdestor review. I will publish it by the end of the month normally.

  • Reminder of my last post: My Grupeer review

My Grupeer review

Here is my Grupeer review and what I thing about the Grupeer crowdlending platform. To get straight to the point, I am an investor at Grupeer and I hold a portfolio of several loans at home. Investing in crowdlending is part of my online investment strategy. You can access my Grupeer portfolio here . Grupeer is the third crowdlending platform in … Read moreMy Grupeer review

Read more

Personal development

  • 3rd orientation coaching session with a coach in NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis .
  • 2 months of intermittent fasting . That is to say that I feed on a period of 8h and I fast for 16h. See the explanatory video published in my last review .

The rest of my goals do not change:

  • Go to bed early to gain productivity.
  • Continue to use therapeutic EFT .
  • Continue to meditate .
  • Listen to audio books for personal development.
  • Work hard in my full-time job.
  • Make my wife happy.
  • Be the best dad possible using neuroscience of education.

To receive every month this review of activity and portfolio in your mailbox is here:

P2P Portfolio (crowdlending platforms)

My P2P lending portfolio now consists of 7 crowdlending platforms : Envestio , Fastinvest , Gruper , Crowdestor , Bondora , Crowdestate and Bulkestate .

Reminder of my strategy

In the stock market I would invest in a basket of shares or ETFs through several brokers. In crowdlending I have been investing in a multitude of projects across multiple P2P lending platforms .

I manage my crowdlending asset allocation as an investment portfolio . That is, rule number one is security. To secure my invested capital I diversify my asset allocation .

active allocation P2P lending

The internal rate of return is increasing. We went from 13.81% in May to 15.41% in June .

You can find my full portfolio here .

P2P lending internal rate of return


Envestio is the first peer to peer lending platform in which I have invested. The average interest rate is 18% . Which makes Envestio very attractive. The projects are financed in a few hours, see in a few minutes for the most attractive ones.

For more info you can read my Envestio review.

A first project in which I had invested 400 € has ended. I received the refund of 400 € which are now available and unused on the account.

  • IRR: 16.54%
  • Investment: € 1390.49
  • Monthly passive income: 25,34 €
  • Click here to see the details of my Envestio investments .
XIRR envestio


I use Fastinvest’s self-investing tool to invest continuously.

As a reminder, the self-investing tool automatically invested the specified capital in accordance with fixed rate ranges and durations. For more info you can read my Fastinvest review.

  • TRI: 10.66% .
  • Investment: € 191.82
  • Monthly passive income: € 2.03.
  • Click here to see the details of my Fastinvest investments .
fastinvest XIRR


Grupeer is also a crowdlending platform in which I wanted to invest from the beginning.

First, all loans are secured with BuyBack Guarantee . This means that if the borrower goes bankrupt, the partner, the originator of the loan, is required to buy back the loan in default and ensure the repayment of principal and interest in full.

As for Fastinvest I use a self-investing tool. More information in my Grupeer review .

  • TRI: 13.06% .
  • Investment: 187,54 €.
  • Monthly passive income: 2,17 €.
  • Click here to see the details of my Grupeer investments .
grupeer XIRR


Account opened in May. Here are my current investments.

crowdlending crowdestor platforms

The 3 projects are 100% funded. Loan interest rates are very attractive: 18%, 18.5% and 21% . Crowdestor comes directly to compete with Envestio .

  • TRI: 12.78%.
  • Investment: 200,00 €.
  • Monthly passive income: 2,17 €.
  • Click here to see the details of my Crowdestor investments .
crowdestor XIRR


Bondora is a little out of the box with its ultra customizable interface in French . It took me a while to get used to it. Bondora is a crowdlending platform that offers 3 investment methods .

Bondora crowdlending platforms

To test the platform I went on a Portfolio Pro oriented high performance. Who says high performance, says risk . Loans are denoted D, E and F.

Here are my settings.

I invite you not to copy them but to play with the parameters of the Portfolio Pro to get an idea of ​​the risk and the possible profitability.

Bondora portfolio pro settings

Portfolio Pro works like the automatic investment tools of Fastinvest and Grupeer . The investments are numerous and as you can see there are many loans rated F by Bondora.

This portfolio is without the most risky of all. By cons it is very diversified. This is one of the advantages of Bondora, it is possible to invest very small sums .

The next step will probably be to test Bondora’s Go & Grow portfolio.

The internal rate of return has taken off!

  • TRI: 18.87%.
  • Investment: € 122.53
  • Monthly passive income: € 2.09.
  • Click here to see the details of my Bondora investments .
bondora XIRR


2 investments made.3

crowdestate P2P lending

Crowdestate also offers an automatic investment tool. Personally I do not need it. I do not know yet if I will invest more funds.

  • Yield 12.45%
  • Rendement13%
  • TRI: To come.
  • Investment: 200,00 €
  • Monthly passive income: To come.
  • Click here to see details of my Crowdestate investments .


Bulkestate is the news of the month. I am preparing an opinion on this platform with great potential.

First investments planned in July thanks to the self-investment tool. The minimum interest rate set is 14%.

Bulkestate auto invest
  • TRI: To come.
  • Investment: 200,00 €
  • Monthly passive income: To come.
  • Click here to display the details of my investment Bulkestate .


Apart from Crowdestate and Bulkestate crowdlending platforms, for which I do not have enough experience yet, the internal rates of return are all up .

The top 3 most successful P2P lending platforms in my portfolio are:

  1. Bondora with 18.87%
  2. Envestio with 16.54%
  3. Grupeer 13,06 %

On the real estate side, I admit that research is long and takes a lot of time. With two young children it is not easy. I would really like to find a good qualifying good and apply the method I’ve learned. I’ll let you know about the current negotiations .

In July I give myself as objectives:

  • Open accounts at Kuetzal (promising new platform with high yields, average interest rate of 21%) and Viainvest (average interest rate of 12%).
  • Finalize real estate negotiation and continue active research.
  • Pursue my personal development program: coaching, reading, intermittent fasting, push-ups and running, moments of joy in the family.
  • Plan the holidays !!

Come on, see you next month for an update.

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Stuart hunter
Stuart hunter
1 year ago

The Bondora return figure is notoriously suspect. Of course all loans look good in first month or so but wait a year to find 20+% of your loans in default. It takes Bondora a year to get the recovery operation underway so when factor this in the return could well be bordering zero.

1 year ago
Reply to  Stuart hunter

Thank you for this warning. Do you base yourself on a lived experience? I consider the Bondora portfolio risky and I will actually wait a bit before investing again.

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