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29.40% for crowdlending, -5.08% for equities (Setp 2019 review)

29.40% annualized internal rate of return for the crowdlending portfolio. -5.08% cumulative performance for the equity portfolio. 1 main residence in the course of purchase. Returning to work after summer holidays has been difficult. And for you? Also the world economy is being undermined by President Donald Trump, result my portfolio equity...

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Equities portfolio and P2P portfolio (July-August 2019 review)

1 new crowdlending platform: Kuetzal. 1 withdrawal of funds from Monestro. 1 new shared equity portfolio: 3W3 strategy . 27.34% annualized internal rate of return for the P2P lending portfolio. 4 months of intermittent fasting and 6 pounds less First of all, I hope you had a good summer. Personally the holidays were...

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viainvest investor survey

Viainvest investors survey: summary of key findings

Viainvest has just published its customer satisfaction survey. Here are the main figures shared by Viainvest. This is an identical transcription of the information provided by Viainvest. All data *as of 04.09.2019. ANNUAL INVESTOR SURVEY 2019: RESULTS OVERVIEW GENERAL PLATFORM STATS* Funded ever € 155...

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Crowdlending let’s go to the moon (review june 2019)

1 new crowdlending platform: Bulkestate. 15.41% internal rate of return for the P2P lending portfolio. 1 real estate negotiation completed. 2 months of intermittent fasting . Crowdlending ok, real estate ok… with the arrival of the beautiful days, we go out more and the free time to conduct my financial...

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3 new crowdlending platforms (May 2019 review)

3 new account openings at crowdlending platforms. 13.81% return for the P2P lending portfolio. 1 investmenent property being negotiated. The transfer of my funds to my new US broker to invest in US trackers . 3 weeks of intermittent fasting . The family expands with 3 new crowdlending platforms : Crowdestor, Bondora and...

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Crowdlending portfolio and activity review – April 2019

An XIRR of almost 14% for my crowdlending portfolio! An accepted buy offer for a rental investment! A personal challenge at 11°C! In short, a very productive month. Indeed, April has been a busy month. My crowdlending portfolio is starting to make little ones. As...

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grupeer reivew

My Grupeer review

Here is my Grupeer review and what I thing about the Grupeer crowdlending platform. To get straight to the point, I am an investor at Grupeer and I hold a portfolio of several loans at home. Investing in crowdlending is part of my online investment strategy. You can...

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Reviews of my investment portfolio – March 2019

Hello everyone, I am delighted to meet you for this monthly review of my investment portfolio. This is an opportunity to slow down a bit and take stock of my adventure towards financial independence and review my investment strategy. In this monthly review I analyze...

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financialfreedom definition

What is financial independence?

The definition of financial independence is the ability of an individual to support his lifestyle without having to work. Financial independence therefore rhymes with early retirement. From a strictly financial point of view From a strictly financial point of view, this means that you no longer...

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What are the risks of peer to peer lending?

The risks of peer to peer lending are multiple. To invest well, you have to know all risks of peer to peer lending and diversify your asset allocation. A difficulty in diversification is the lack of knowledge of the risks specific to the types of...

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