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crowdlending portfolio review

Best month with + 14% in crowdlending and stock market and 1 new cryptocurrencies portfolio

  • + 14.76% for crowdlending wallet.
  • + 13.93% for the stock market portfolio.
  • 1 new portfolio added: cryptocurrencies.
  • 2 great solutions to manage multi currency accounts.

Excellent month for the stock portfolio as for the crowdlending portfolio. The month of November has passed like an arrow. Besides, I apologize for the late sending of the October newsletter.

To make me forgive, here is a newsletter on time and with lots of useful information.

As you can read in the bullet points above, in addition to a good overall performance, I added a cryptocurrency wallet. I also share some practical tips for juggling between currencies.

Let’s get into the subject without further delay.

Portfolio crowdlending Internal

Rate of return by crowdlending platforms


XIRR w/o bonuses





























The IRR or internal rate of return of each crowdlending platform is calculated using the XIRR function of Google Sheets. The equivalent to the function XIRR on Excel.


NB: The XIRR function differs from the IRR function in the periodicity of deposits and withdrawals.

XIRR of crowdlending portfolio


More info and graphics on my Crowdlending portfolio.


Envestio remains one of my favorite crowdlending platforms. Since Envestio set up the auto invest tool, the service offered is complete.

The auto-invest tool allows to invest automatically from 100 €.

Investment projects are strong and interest rates remain among the highest in the market. Indeed few platforms compete with Envestio. Although, if we look at the XIRR of each platform, the new platform of crowdlending Kuetzal is very promising.

By registering via this affiliate link to Envestio, you will receive 5€ offered from the deposit of 100€ on your account. In addition you will benefit from 0.5% offered on the amount of your investments for 270 days.

More information and graphics on my Envestio wallet.



Fastinvest is another very good platform for crowdlending.

The platform is easy to use. The auto-invest tool allows immediate reinvestment as soon as interest or repayments of invested capital are collected.

Visibly the Fastinvest platform but heading to the fintech with the sending of its latest newsletter on the latest fintech news.

Best month with + 14% in crowdlending and stock market and 1 new cryptocurrencies portfolio 1

NB: Fastinvest has changed its bank account EUROS. Do not forget to change the coordinates before any transfer. More info on the platform here.

XIRR (XIRR) has been growing steadily since opening the account in March 2019.

More information and graphics on my Fastinvest portfolio.



Grupeer continues to keep his promises.

Gupeer vs Fastinvest? The two crowdlending platforms are in direct competition with equivalent interest rates.

I need to take the time to compare partner loan organizations. We must find identical lending institutions on both platforms. You must not be at risk by accumulating too many loans through the same lending institutions without knowing it. If an organization fails, the impact could be doubly harmful despite the guarantees provided by Grupper and Fastinvest.

FYI, Grupeer launches a Black Friday campaign until December 8th. The offer can earn 1% cash.

Best month with + 14% in crowdlending and stock market and 1 new cryptocurrencies portfolio 2

On the other hand, the XIRR curve begins to reverse.

I set up a self-investment level 3 strategy with automatic investment on short term rates (max 6 months) starting from 12.9% interest rate. This is probably an explanation. To watch in the next month.

More information and graphics on my Grupeer portfolio.



Crowdestor is a crowdlending platform in real estate.

Like many crowdlending platforms that offer loans on real estate projects, the invested capital is refunded only at the end of the loan.

I currently finance 3 projects via Crowdestor

  • Renovation of eclecticism style building
  • Biomass boiler house
  • INCH²

For the project Renovation of eclecticism style building, the interest rate is 21% but the capital invested is not refunded until the end of the loan.

Best month with + 14% in crowdlending and stock market and 1 new cryptocurrencies portfolio 3

This is a factor to take into account in your investment plan.

Personally, I favor platforms like Fastinvest or Grupeer that reimburse the invested capital each month.

This explains this and the XIRR curve represents it well:

More information and graphics on my Crowdestor portfolio.



Bondora: rocket or trompe l’oeil?

With an XIRR greater than 44% (without bonuses) there is enough to ask the question.

That said this XIRR corresponds to the statistics given by Bondora. Bondora is without a doubt the crowdlending platform with the most complete statistical interface.

BONDORA rendement net du portefeuille

Here’s how Bondora explains this net return.

I have highlighted in yellow the interesting and disturbing part.

“How is the net return calculated?

We use the XIRR (Extended Internal Rate of Return) function to calculate the net return. XIRR is used to return the internal rate of return of a cash flow statement that is neither necessarily periodic (payments are not made one day per month) nor always positive (the portfolio includes inbound and outbound payments).

The internal rate of return is a discount rate …

XIRR uses the issue date and the loan amount, the actual repayment dates and the amount and the sum of the planned future principal repayments (our assumption being equal the current value of the portfolio) to calculate the internal rate of return of your investment portfolio on Bondora. .

This approach deducts immediately from the calculation all payments of principal and unpaid and unpaid interest. No assumptions about future interest payments or provisions for losses are expected, as this should be covered as part of our approach to arrive at the current value of the portfolio.”

For the Bondora investment portfolio, mytrategy is high risk high yield. Which means that I accept a share of loss vs high profitability.

The calculation of my current XIRR does not take into account unpaid bills. Yet I finance loans rated D, E and F.

BONDRA portfolio pro paramètres

So the XIRR must prove itself over the coming months.

Recently a reader told me of his concern about the duration of the internal rate of return because Bondora waits a certain time before launching the procedures for recovery of outstanding payments.

Subject to dig.

For now the Bondora XIRR curves with or without bonus are bluffing.

More information and graphics on my Bondora portfolio.



Crowdestate is another real estate crowdlending platform.

The platform works quite well judging by the speed with which projects are funded.

Crowdestate projets d'investissements

As for Crowdestor, at Crowdestate the repayments of the invested capital are paid in full at the end.

Here is a long term view until 2022 of my 2 ongoing investments.

Crowdestate investissement long terme

XIRR has experienced significant growth this month. This is due to the combined interest of both projects at Crowdestate. On the first project, the interest is collected every month, on the other every four months.

More information and graphics on my Crowdestate portfolio.



Boom! From 4% to almost 14% in 1 month ??

And yet, nothing magical behind these numbers. The sharp increase in the XIRR is due to the early repayment of the invested capital with the interest due.

Suddenly the amounts of interest earned quadrupled compared to previous months. Result a XIRR that leaps.

A very positive point of Bulkestate is the chat per project. This chat allows Bulkestate and investors to communicate on this type of unexpected.

bulkestate forum

But again, at Bulkestate, projects are being financed at full speed. I have not yet been able to reinvest the recovered capital.

I will stay on the lookout for the next opportunities.

Meanwhile the XIRR is doing well.

More information and graphics on my Bulkestate portfolio.



This is the last crowdlending platform in which I have invested for the moment.

With very high interest rates, Kuetzal comes into direct competition with Envestio.

At the end of 4 months the XIRR smooths more than 20%.

In addition, Kuetzal comes into force with Kuetzal Care in addition to the buy-back guarantee.

Kuetzal Care comes to finance the delta between the contribution of private investors and the amount necessary for the project.

Note: not all projects are under the buy-back guarantee. So choose your loans carefully.

The CEO of Kuetzal changed in November. This is Maksims Reutovs who gets the job. Obviously Maksims Reutovs comes from the world of fintech and made his weapons at Twinero (Spanish platform for short term loans).

I have no information on why this change of CEO. I know that Kuetzal has reported having a problem with a borrower, SIA Alpa BĂĽve, but everything has been in order since.

Here is the evolution of the XIRR of theportfolio Kuetzal.

More information and graphics on my Kuetzal portfolio.



New crypto portfolio added.

Finally not so new since my first purchases of cryptos date from January and February 2018.

Like many people I made the mistake of buying cryptos when bitcoin (BTC) was spiking up.

Having been trained in investment since, I know that when the general public hears that it is necessary to buy this or that asset is that it is already too late. The general public is rushed on the purchase at the same moment professional investors sell their profits.

But what is certain is that cryptocurrencies have a future ahead of them. The blockchain can only wear cryptos to grow. I only hope to buy the good ones and be cyrpto-billionaire in a few years.

Ă©volution du bitcoin BTC

My cryptos wallets are at Uphold and Celsius.

Uphold and Celsius are the 2 best secure platforms of the moment.

The interfaces are fun, quality services offered.

It is possible to change, send and receive cryptos-currencies very simply.

I have personally paid a health professional in cryptos!


Celsius is an Ethereum-based loan platform using blockchain technology.

Celsius Network is only available on mobile application. But the website provides all the info.

For a display in French, read the section practical tips below.

Celsius Network is positioning itself as an alternative solution to the traditional banking system for the 99%. Undeniable all those who are not part of the richest 1% of the planet.

Celsius Network defines its mission as such

“Celsius Network was founded in 2017 with the mission to leverage blockchain technology to deliver unprecedented financial freedom, economic opportunities and income equality for the 99%. For too long, the big banks and financial institutions have shied away from greedy, unethical and risky behavior. It is time to replace our current financial systems with a new model that acts only in the best interest of the community … “

Personally I appreciate this approach. It’s marketing but the fund remains innovative and can bring important changes in the world to come.

Moreover Celsius Network is carried by Mr. Alex Mashinsky, a great name of innovation, holder of many outstanding patents (VOIP) and creator of two companies listed on the stock exchange (Arbinet and Transit Wireless).

Here is the starting value of the portfolio tracking Celsius Network.

Celsius Network portfolio value


Uphold serves 184 countries, in more than 30 currencies (traditional and cryptos) and allows for frictionless foreign exchange and cross-border remittances for members around the world. Since the launch in 2015, Uphold has generated more than 4 billion USD of transactions. Just that.

Uphold offers a web and application interface.

For retail investors, here are the main features of Uphold.

  • Funds: Add funds to your account by bank transfer, bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin or bitcoin.
  • Send: Send or receive money to or from any member, anywhere, in town or across borders, instantly, securely and free of charge.
  • Convert: Instantly convert your money between more than 30 currencies instantly and securely.
  • Hold: Keep the funds in the currency of your choice to keep them safe, invest them for the long term or for everyday use.
  • Guarantee: Your funds are held entirely in reserves around the world, protected by first-rate security systems and measures.
  • Insurance: Uphold publishes real-time proof of ownership, indicating that you can access your funds at any time.

Here is the starting value of Uphold portfolio tracking.

Uphold portfolio value

Cryptocurrencies portfolio value

Since my first purchases BTC I took the time to diversify my crypto currencies.

I am the lucky holder of the following cryptos currencies:

  • BAT: Basic Attention Token.
  • BTC: Bitcoin.
  • BTG: Bitcoin Gold.
  • CEL: Celsius.
  • DASH: Dash.
  • ETH: Ethereum.

The currency cryptos market never stops and it’s too time-consuming to follow the evolution of each currency. I will therefore only monitor the value of the cryptos portfolio ​​in $ of each platform.

Plus a great advantage of Uphold and Celsius is that you are paid to lend your currency. Exactly like for crowdlending.

I added on my to-do list to write an article about my opinion about Uphold and Celsius. I will take this opportunity to explain how their investment solutions to win cryptos while sleeping.

Cryptos currencies portfolio value

Portfolio stocks 3W3

+ 12.32% performance on the month of November!

The stock market takes off.

The cumulative performance is 13.93%.

So far, so good. But beware of revere. Indeed the market has finally regained some pep out of the range of recent months.

Best month with + 14% in crowdlending and stock market and 1 new cryptocurrencies portfolio 4

I hope this recovery will be long. Anyway, the game is to be in the market when a momentum like this is created and out of the market when it stops.

At the time of writing, I hear disturbing announcements about the investigation for Donald TRUMP’s impeachment proceedings. This procedure could have a significant effect on the markets for the coming months.

But this portfolio is dedicated to the long term. Several American presidents will have time to succeed before I withdraw the funds.

Performance of the stock portfolio


Net value of the stock portfolio

The net value of the portfolio is therefore on the rise after already 7 months of waiting.


Tips for smart investors

Here are 2 questions I’m regularly asked:

  • How to manage multi-currency accounts euros dollars?
  • How to invest on European platforms without translation into French?

So here is how I’m organized.

N26 đź”—

Still traditional banks are under pressure with the arrival of start-ups of fintech.

At a conventional bank you pay a large fee to send / receive foreign currency. In addition you are not always assured of the exchange rate.

Indeed some payments may take several days and the exchange rate fluctuates between the transfer request and the issuance of the transfer.

N26 bank account

That’s why I opened an account at N26.

The opening took me in total 5 minutes online! And I received my Mastercard just a few days later. It’s pretty amazing.

N26 is a German bank. You immediately have an IBAN for your bank accounts.

Transfers are very fast. And especially no transfer fees or account management.

Most importantly, N26 is a partner of TransferWise. This allows N26 to offer the exchange rate service at time t. See the TransferWise section below for more information.

NB: N26 does not offer a checkbook. When I need a check, which is more and more rare, I use the checkbook of my classic bank.

Take advantage of the € 30 offered to open an N26 account via this link.


TransferWise is a multi-currency account management solution. You can hold separate accounts in multiple currencies and therefore no longer need to juggle exchange rates.

TransferWise mutli currencies solution

In addition TransferWise offers transfers and transfers on the basis of the exchange rate at time t. N26 has partnered with TransferWise and also offers this service.

For example, if you pay in dollars with your N26 euro account, the exchange rate applied is the EURUSD rate in effect at the time of your request.

Note that a study to demonstrate that TransferWise is on average 6 times cheaper than French banks!

But beware, TransferWise is not a bank, it’s a multi-currency account management solution as written above.

The big advantage of TrasnferWise is that you do not pay international transaction fees or scandalous exchange rates.


Well here is a well-filled newsletter. You can find details of the stock portfolio and the crowdlending portfolio on the blog.

I will add the cryptocurrency wallet as well as a multi currency account management section on the blog.

December is a short month with holidays.

In France a major strike is announced. Personally I have been cycling for a few years.

Moreover for Christmas I make a “GIANT” little gift for those who know.

Unlike previous months, the top 3 of the best crowdlending platforms is based on the rate of return excluding bonuses.

The top 3 crowdlending platforms for this month is therefore

  1. Bondora
  2. Kuetzal
  3. Envestio

The next platforms to explore are WiseFund, Monethera and Neo Finance (25 € offered with this affiliate link).

A platform challenges me. It’s IbanWallet. IbanWallet is one of two. It’s an account management solution and a crowdlending platform.

It’s the zero account fee management solution that interests me. You get an IBAN for the account as for a bank account, the transfers in / out are free and in addition, your money is making babies while your sleeping with a 2.5% daily rate… which seems to me a nice savings solution with immediate withdrawal. But until now I am very satisfied with the bank N26 (30 € offered with this affiliate link).

I’m starting to write my goals for 2020 in my bullet journal:

  • Finalize the purchase of our main home and do the work.
  • Develop the blog by sharing quality content.
  • To enjoy life.

Have you define your goals yet?

If yes please let me know in the comments below. If no, this is the opportunity to do it in the comments below.

Ok dears FIRE lovers, see you in 2020.

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