About me

My quest for financial independence

Welcome to my blog and thank you for being interested in me and the content that I propose in my quest for financial independence.

It is therefore normal that I take the time to present myself in due form.

My family and me

My name is Erwann (yes, a Breton), I’m getting close to midlife, I’m married to the most beautiful woman (sorry) and dad of two beautiful children. My children and my wife are my joy of life.

I work full time as a real estate program engineer. Which means that I spend a lot of time in an office, in meetings and from time to time on construction sites. In short a lot of screen + screen … + screen …


About me 1

Maybe this is my pre-crisis of midlife but I cry STOP! I do not plan to die in an office, or at least in an office that is not mine. As I leave to work, I want to work for myself, for my family, to be independent. It is therefore on this strong feeling that I decided to embark on financial independence. My definition of financial independence is to get passive income, self-generated income, enough to meet my fixed expenses and my pleasure spending on my life status. I invite you to read my first article on financial independence.

An objective

Being able to leave my job for my 40 years … the meter runs.

In order to achieve this goal, I am trained as much as possible on alternative business, ie online business (which is totally new to me and not at all in my professional skills), real estate and of course the stock market investment and now in peer to peer lending (loans between individuals or crowdlending). You have access to monitoring of my portfolio of trackers and loans between individuals .

This blog is my first stone. I create it seamlessly to capitalize on my experience and learn from others.


I hope this blog will bring you useful information and that my feedback will encourage you to take the voice of financial independence. The search for financial independence is a whole. Indeed, once adopted as the goal of a lifetime, financial independence becomes a philosophy and determines your positioning in your everyday actions.

Good surf on my blog and long live the financial independence!

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