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3 new crowdlending platforms (May 2019 review)

  • 3 new account openings at crowdlending platforms.
  • 13.81% return for the P2P lending portfolio.
  • 1 investmenent property being negotiated.
  • The transfer of my funds to my new US broker to invest in US trackers .
  • 3 weeks of intermittent fasting .

The family expands with 3 new crowdlending platforms : Crowdestor, Bondora and Crowdestate.

Bondora is the only one to offer an interface in French. But thanks to Google Translate it’s not a problem. I explain how to do in the article on my selection of crowdlending platforms to invest easily in French and English . Restricting to invest in France is for me a serious mistake . Our European neighbors are just as secure and most of the P2P lending platforms in the euro zone offer much more attractive returns.

With Crowdestor , Bondora and Crowdestate I diversify my P2P lending portfolio.

As a reminder, the basis of my P2P strategy is to maintain the most diverse asset allocation possible , namely to invest online in several projects across multiple crowdlending platforms .

In my previous review, I was planning to open accounts with crowdlending platforms Viainvest  (average interest rate of 12% ) and  Bulkestate (average interest rate of 14% ) but the lure of gain has diverted me my way.

NB: I re-opened the comments on the site at the bottom of the articles. And yes although responding to comments takes time, I admit to having a little spleen of the community. Otherwise go to my Facebook page .

Come on, let’s get down to business.

Financial independence

RAS. My goal of financial independence does not change. I am aiming for € 413,000.00 of invested capital . This amount corresponds to a pension of € 1,377.00 per month according to the 4% rule.

This will allow me to reach the first stage of financial independence, namely financial security .

3 new crowdlending platforms (May 2019 review) 2

Time passes and I can not find the time to write the article on my calculation. I’m going to download the tool, it will be easier.

Small gift of the month

No small gift for this time. Do you enjoy this section that comes out of context? Last month I invite you to watch an incredible lecture by neurolgist Idriss Aberkane on the brain (to watch it here ). Tell me in the comments below if I continue the small gifts or if I stick to the topics of the blog?

Activity review

In this section I take again the tasks accomplished during the past month.

P2P Portfolio (peer to peer lending)

  • Internal rate of return tracking at the top.

The calculation of the internal rate of return is more relevant than the ROI. In fact, the internal profitability ratio reflects the actual performance of my P2P lending portfolio. I use the XIRR function in Google Sheets.

First I calculate the internal rate of return independently for each platform. You can see the details of my sub-portfolios open on the site. Second, I calculate the overall internal rate of return, not using the XIRRs of the sub-portfolios, but using all the bundled investments.

To note: for the calculation of the internal rate of return, I use the investments by projects and not the deposits on the platforms. For example if I deposit 1700 € on Envestio but I invest only 1558 € in participatory projects, I use 1558 € for the XIRR. The follow-up is therefore more precise.

I am also preparing a comparative table of platforms. This table will be kept up to date according to the offers.

Indeed, some crowdlending platforms offer bonuses or cashback when opening an account or depositing funds. This is, for example, the case of EstateGuru which offers a bonus of 5 € to registration + 0.5% over 3 months.

Other crowdlending platforms make “exceptional” campaigns to raise funds. For example, Kuetzal (a new guy who starts very fot) launches his Cashback Marathon.

Cashback Marathon is on!

From 1000 € to 4999 € deposited, Kuetzal pays 1%. 
From 5000 € to 9999 € deposited, Kuetzal 1.5%. 
Etc. up to 3% cashback. 

The campaign lasts until 31/09/2019. 
It’s a good plan that I’m going to enjoy myself.

 Cashback Marathon is on!
  • An XIRR at the top

Here are the current rates of return for my P2P sub-portfolios

P2P Allocation XIRR
Envestio 1,790.49 18.41%
Fastinvest 236.50 8.83%
Grupeer 315.83 8.09%
Crowdestor 200.00 New
Bondora 112.00 0.75%
Crowdestate 100.00 New

Real estate

We ended the coliving project . We realized during the second visit that most of the walls of the house are porters. The development work planned for coliving cost us too much and the project was no longer profitable.

However we do not give up. The proof we made an offer on a building  in a small commune in 1 hour from us. The building includes 3 fully rented dwellings, rented naked. Gross profitability is less than 10% but the cashflow remains correct because few jobs. I’ll keep you informed.


  • 1 new article (almost finish): My Grupeer Review. I’ll publish it in may.

Personal development

  • I started an orientation coaching with a coach in NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis . I had an hypnosis session, the first of my life.
  • I returned to my third week of intermittent fasting . That is to say that I feed on a period of 8h and I fast for 16h.
  • Go to bed early. It remains my biggest challenge . With sunny days it’s not easy.
  • The Wim Hof method . After swimming in a water at 11 ° C without swimming at 8:00 am in North Brittany, I am persuaded of the effectiveness of the method. I keep taking cold showers in the morning . As for the icy bath, with the summer coming, the logistics are not up to date. So go in the winter
  • I just finished the book ”  The week of 4 hours: Work less, earn more and live better!  From Timothy Ferriss. This book is a revelation for me . It’s the exact transcription of what I want to do with my life. I recommend it warmly.

The rest of my goals have not changed:

  • Continue to use therapeutic EFT .
  • Listen to audio books for personal development. I prepare a small selection of my own in a future article.
  • Insure in my full-time contract.
  • Make my wife happy.
  • To be the best dad possible and to train in the neuroscience of education.

P2P Portfolio (crowdlending platforms)

My P2P lending portfolio now consists of 6 crowdlending platforms: Envestio , Fastinvest , Grupeer , Crowdestor , Bondora and Crowdestate .

Reminder of my strategy

I manage my crowdlending asset allocation as an investment portfolio . That is, rule number one is security. To secure my invested capital I diversify my asset allocation . In the stock market I would invest in a basket of shares or ETFs through several brokers, in crowdlending I invested in a multitude of projects across multiple P2P platforms.

The internal rate of return is increasing. We went from 13.29% in April to 13.81% in May .

You can find my full portfolio here .


Envestio is the first peer to peer lending platform in which I have invested. The average interest rate is 18% . Which makes Envestio very attractive. The projects are financed in a few hours, see in a few minutes for the most attractive ones.

My maximum investment per project is € 200,00. So I was able to finance the projects without too much difficulty.

For larger investments, you have to be ultra responsive. Moreover, Envestio does not offer an automatic investment like Fastinvest or Grupeer for example. See my opinion on Envestio .

  • TRI: 18.41%
  • Investment: 1790.49€
  • Monthly passive income: 24,34€
  • Click here to see the details of my Envestio investments .
Envestio crowdlending platforms


I use Fastinvest’s self-investing tool to invest continuously.

As a reminder, the self-investing tool automatically invested the specified capital in accordance with fixed rate ranges and durations. For more info you can read my review on Fastinvest here.

  • TRI: 8.83% . Nice progress since the launch.
  • Investment: 236.50€
  • Monthly passive income: 2.10 €. This is just the beginning.
  • Click here to see the details of my Fastinvest investments .
Fastinvest crowdlending platforms


Grupeer is also a crowdlending platform in which I wanted to invest from the beginning.

First, all loans are secured with BuyBack Guarantee . This means that if the borrower goes bankrupt, the partner, the originator of the loan, is required to buy back the loan in default and ensure the repayment of principal and interest in full.

Secondly the Grupeer platform offers an interface in French .

As for Fastinvest I use a self-investing tool.

grupeer auto invest 2
  • TRI: 8.09% .
  • Investment: 315.83€
  • Monthly passive income: 2.26 €. This is just the beginning.
  • Click here to see the details of my Grupeer investments .
Grupeer crowdlending platforms


Account opened in May. Let’s wait and see how my first 3 investments are.

crowdlending crowdestor platforms

2 out of 3 projects are already 100% funded. Loan interest rates are very attractive: 18%, 18.5% and 21% . Crowdestor comes directly to compete with Envestio . I think we will have to be very reactive to invest.

  • TRI: To come.
  • Investment: 200,00 €
  • Monthly passive income: To come.
  • Click here to see the details of my Crowdestor investments .


Bondora is out of the box with its ultra customizable interface. It took me a while to get used to it. Bondora is a crowdlending platform that offers 3 investment methods.

Bondora crowdlending platforms

To test the platform I went on a Portfolio Pro oriented high performance. Who says high performance, says risk . Loans are denoted D, E and F.

Here are my settings.

I invite you not to copy them but to play with the parameters of the Portfolio Pro to get an idea of ​​the risk and the possible profitability.

Bondora crowdlending platforms

Portfolio Pro works like the automatic investment tools of Fastinvest and Grupeer . The investments are numerous and as you can see there are many loans rated F by Bondora in my portfolio.

This portfolio is the most risky of all mines. But it is very diversified. This is one of the advantages of Bondora, it is possible to invest very small sums .

Bondora crowdlending platforms

The next step will probably be to test Bondora’s Go & Grow portfolio.

My detailed review on Bondora will be long to scream. Indeed the customization features are numerous. In addition, the dashboard is 100% customizable. I particularly appreciate the detailed statistics. It contains all the useful information for monitoring portfolios. I understand better why Bondora is so popular.

I had to zoom out the page to try to capture the most info to realize you. The easiest way is to discover for yourself here .

  • TRI: To come.
  • Investment: 112,00 €
  • Monthly passive income: To come.
  • Click here to see the details of my Bondora investments .


Same: account opened in May and 2 investments made. Impatience has taken over. I am trying to maintain investments with a minimum rate of return of 13% .

Crowdestate also offers an automatic investment tool. Before using it I have to check if the parameters allow to choose to invest in projects with monthly interest payments. I do not want to end up with term payment investments.

crowdestate crowdlending platforms
  • TRI: To come.
  • Investment: 200,00 €
  • Monthly passive income: To come.
  • Click here to see details of my Crowdestate investments .


The month of May was a month of great productivity. To tell the truth, I have the impression of making great strides towards financial independence . Ok it’s for now but the way I like it.

In june, I will relaunching my US ETF portfolio. In addition I will invest according to 2 or 3 strategies that I will share with you. For that I have to take in hand the trading platform of the new broker TradeStation.

The peer to peer lending portfolio begins to take shape with a well diversified allocation. I would like to arrive at an asset allocation composed of a dozen platforms . I have to continue to analyze the best performers. I am going to share with you my thoughts on the three news I invested in May: Crowdestor , Bondora and Crowdestate . For the moment I am very satisfied with the internal rate of return of my P2P portfolio.

For real estate, we look forward to the return of the agent following our proposal.

In June the action plan is already well loaded:

  • Open accounts at Kuetzal (promising new platform with high yields, average interest rate of 21%),Viainvest (average interest rate of 12%) and Bulkestate (average interest rate of 14%).
  • Relaunch the bond stock portfolio.
  • Do not give up on real estate.
  • Pursue my personal development program: coaching, reading, intermittent fasting, push-ups and running, moments of joy in the family.

And what are your goals for June? Feel free to share them in the comments, it would make me happy.

See you next month for an update.

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