What is financial independence?

financialfreedom definition

The definition of financial independence is the ability of an individual to support his lifestyle without having to work. Financial independence therefore rhymes with early retirement. From a strictly financial point of view From a strictly financial point of view, this means that you no longer need to receive a salary paid by an employer to … Read moreWhat is financial independence?

My Fastinvest review

My Fastinvest review 4

The Fastinvest peer- to- peer platform is the second platform after Envestio in which I have invested. Fastinvest is a consumer lending platform across Europe. For me it is important for a crowdlending platform to develop strongly before I invest via its service. The investment platform must also meet several security criteria such as the guarantees of redemption and default of payment. Fastinvest meets my … Read moreMy Fastinvest review

12 best selection of crowdlending platforms

12 best selection of crowdlending platforms 6

Are crowdlending platforms safe enough to invest your money? It is not easy to answer this question. Many factors have to be taken into account: the global economy, European regulations, the significant growth of crowdlending platforms, the financial health of these P2P companies, etc. I am not an expert in international finance. And fortunately, because … Read more12 best selection of crowdlending platforms