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Peer to peer lending is my FIRE

FIRE = Financial Independence Retire Early.
That’s my goal and I share my journey with you.

invest in peer to peer lending like in stock market
diversification is the key


Do not waste time

I did not receive financial education. When I discovered the FIRE movement I received 1 good news and 1 bad news.

The bad news: the earlier you invest, the more you win.

The good news: It’s never too late to start.

Financial independence

What is financial independence?

The definition of financial independence is the ability of an individual to support his lifestyle without having to work.u00a0Financial independence therefore rhymes with early retirement.

My peer to peer lending portfolio is part of my action plan to financial independence.

An you, do you have a action plan ?

I test it, I share it.

Which crowdlending platform is safe enough ?

That is the question. On way to know it is to look at my experience. I invest in it before I review it.

Asset allocation

Risk management


Thank you for reading my blog

I am Erwann. I’m french (sorry). In my thirty, dad of two beautiful children, happy husband and engineer with a full time job. I optimize every minute of my free time to learn about investment.

Good financial management is the first step towards financial independence.I invite you to follow me in this adventure.

Keep your dreams alive

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My F.I.R.E goalS

Financial Security (P2P income only)
413 000 u20ac 2%
Financial Security
Basic Needs
413 000 €
Financial Vitality
All Needs
630 500 €
Financial independence
Needs & Basic Wants
668 000 €
Financial Freedom
All Needs & Wants
773 000 €
Absolute Financial Freedom
Needs & Wants & Freedom
833 000 €

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French (sorry)


Full time job engineer



Together towards financial independence.

Friendly comments


Thank you Erwann for your blog 😉


Very good strategy. I keep wondering what’s going to happen in the long run. In any case I like the idea of lending to gain independence.


I apply the same diversification strategy. Hope you’ll get FIRE ASAP.


Thanks dud, you have been of invaluable help for my own investor journey.

And yes I love colors !